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Learning from each other


International People’s Project (IPP)

An international community-based programme for people aged 19+, lasting 14-23 days


International People’s Projects (IPPs) are locally run projects that benefit a community and its environment. In partnership with local organisations, a group of volunteers from at least four different countries work together on a community project, such as combating environmental degradation, support for immigrants or an arts-based regeneration scheme. 

IPPs are personally fulfilling, giving you the chance to learn new skills and ways of thinking and make lasting friendships. They are an opportunity to live and work as part of a community, in an authentic cultural experience that will make a genuine difference. 

Around 25 volunteers participate in each IPP, including staff. 

What happens in an IPP?
Read about some of our innovative projects in IPP stories.


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Please note that places are not guaranteed and, if we have several destinations for a given programme, you may not get the destination you have requested in your application.