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With your help;

we can educate and inspire more children and youth around the world to become future leaders, active global citizens, and change-makers.


Where does your donation go?


Supporting our Diversity Fund which helps families who do not have the financial ability to attend CISV programmes


Supporting the training of volunteers & the MOSAIC programme


Enhancing and strengthening the CISV London experience to ensure it remains modern, relevant and engaging

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Supporting the hosting of international programmes in London




This is the easiest way to support us by making your shopping feels good. You simply need to create an account and link it to CISV London as the cause you support. Download the App on your phone and the next time your want to buy on Amazon, M&S, John Lewis or other mainstream retailers simply enter their website via the EasyFundraising App and for every £1 your spend the retailers makes a donation. It cost you nothing and it helps us greatly!



Make a donation

All CISV London staff and board members are volunteers. In order to offer you and your children the best CISV experience, we rely on annual membership and generous donations. Here you can donate throughout the year.



Shop cool stuff

Here you can find all CISV London merchandising in particular our special annual edition of hoodies and t-shirts designed as part of a collaboration between our young members and the graphic designer, Marie Trotzier.

All the proceeds go to CISV London.