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CISV London was launched in 2011. It is a Chapter of CISV International, a UNESCO partner, offering peace education working with children and young people across the globe. Like other CISV chapters, CISV London is founded on the belief that peace is possible through friendship - and that a real difference can be made by starting with children.

Founded in 1950 by Nobel Prize Nominee, Doris Allen, CISV International is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding.

Today, CISV International is a federation of 70 member associations with over 200 Chapters or local groups. For more information on CISV history,  please visit CISV International's website and on CISV Great Britain.

VO Film – Jessica Van Cleave


The Passport is CISV’s pocket guide to Peace Education


A short leaflet to introduce CISV to your friends


Our board members:

Chair: Anna Engstad
Treasurer: Raphael Kantelip
Secretariat and communications: Anais Aguerre
Safeguarding officerFelicity Edwards-Wright
Training coordinator: 
Felicity Edwards-Wright
Junior branch Adult liaison
Annie Hall
Local Junior Branch representative
: Lea Kantelip + Rin Yazawa
Programmes coordinator: Anna Engstad
Risk manager: Anna Jonsson
Member Liaison: Cecile Williams + Anne Endres
Travel coordinator: Graeme Knowles
Merchandise coordinator: Goncalo Lacerda-Machado
MOSAIC coordinator
Annie Hall
Fundraising coordinator:  Graeme Knowle
Alumni coordinator: Judy Lee

CISV London Trustee: Nic Hargreaves


Contact us


You are looking for new opportunities for your children and would like to know if CISV programme could be a suitable option? 

You have recently moved to London and are interested to know more about the activities of CISV London either because you’ve done CISV programme or simply because you believe in global friendship as an engine for a more just and peaceful world? 

You are working on peace education projects and would like to engage with a like-minded organisation? 

We look forward to hearing from you and will try our best to answer any questions you may have.

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