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Mosaic is CISV's local community-based programme for participants of all ages.


Mosaic can be anything from a
one-off event to a year-long project.

Mosaic projects are planned and delivered by our Chapters, using CISV's educational approach, and each one responds to local needs and interests in a meaningful way. Most projects are designed and run in cooperation with partner organisations to further the benefit to the local community.

Being part of a Mosaic project is a real-life learning experience that will have a lasting impact and, if you're new to CISV, it's a great way to get involved!

What happens in a Mosaic project?
Read about some of our innovative projects in Mosaic stories. 


Please send us your expression of interest by filling the following form:

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Please note that places are not guaranteed and, if we have several destinations for a given programme, you may not get the destination you have requested in your application.